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Labor Law Areas of Practice

Lawrence J. Sherman, Esq. is an experienced trial and appellate advocate. His primary areas of practice are labor and workplace law, litigation, mediation and arbitration. Larry Sherman is committed to providing excellent, proactive and effective legal representation in all types of workplace disputes as well as general business and commercial litigation.

When appropriate, Mr. Sherman has successfully utilized negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution tools to minimize the time and expense commonly associated with the adversarial resolution of employment and labor disputes. Larry Sherman combines his trial and appellate skills, along with associating with other experienced colleagues as needed, to secure prompt and effective redress on behalf of his clients. His accomplishments are reflected in top ratings provided by independent legal and client-rating services.

Mr. Sherman focuses his law practice on the following areas:

Labor Law

  • Labor negotiations, labor agreements, collective bargaining agreements, and contract administration
  • Grievances, mediations and arbitrations
  • Unfair labor practices
  • Wage and hour claims, minimum wage compliance, and wage payment compliance

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Trials before judges and juries
  • Arbitration and mediation of labor and commercial disputes
  • Hearings before agencies responsible for enforcing labor and employment laws
  • Appeals on behalf of existing and specially retained clients

Conflict Analysis and Resolution

  • Evaluating the cost, risk and benefit of undertaking litigation or other forms of dispute resolutions
  • Determining the potential effectiveness of alternative, non-adversarial approaches to dispute resolution

Conducting Depositions

July 22, 2016

There are no express ethical rules that govern preparing for, taking or defending depositions. While many rules touch upon these matters, they often give conflicting signals. For example, Rule 1.3, comment 3 of the Code of Professional Responsibility requires that a "lawyer should represent a client zealously within the bounds of the law. In contrast, Rules 3.3 and 3.4 respectively caution that a lawyer should exhibit candor towards the tribunal and fairness to the opposing party and counsel. Ethical concerns commonly arise in the context of fulfilling client expectations that prize zealous representation as well as by a need to counter equally zealous or even outrageous conduct by opposing counsel who is ostensibly acting in his or her client's interest. In these situations, therefore, it may be necessary for the employment to take into account applicable ethical and judicial standards and tailor his or her conduct accordingly.

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