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Client - “Mr. Sherman provided strong and effective representation during arbitration. I was very impressed with his knowledge, experience, preparation - and ultimately outcome that he provided.” - 10/14/2015

Ronald N. (Retired President United Staff Union) - “Larry very strategic in his approach with my case, this makes it more understandable to me of what he expects and allows me to follow his strategy. He is very transparent, and inclusive. I appreciate this in my lawyer. He lays out the negatives and positives, and he fights to win.” 8/27/2015

Kinyatta Gray (National Federal Training Program Manager with DHS/ICE) - “It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Mr. Sherman for his work and expertise in the area of Labor Law and Workplace discrimination. He worked tirelessly on my behalf, and I will forever be grateful for the education I received from him while working alongside him during a legal matter in which he defended my interests. Mr. Sherman is not only my lawyer but is also now my friend.”

Client - “When we went to arbitration, Larry swiftly negotiated a very favorable and fair outcome while avoiding the costs and headaches of going to trial. I believe that his exceptional skills, attention to detail and strong client connections are what set Larry apart and make him so successful.”

Annie - “Mr. Sherman is always available to help me with all my legal matters. Having him as my attorney has helped me feel most confident and less concerned. He is very attentive to my legal needs. No matter how big or small the problem is, He treats it with the utmost concern and respect. His expertise is priceless.”

Client - [Re: Termination of residency training] “I am very happy with the professionalism and empathy being shown by Mr. Larry Sherman while dealing with my case. He is very prompt in replying and very good in communication skills. He gave me a sense of security.”

Client - “Mr. Sherman has represented our Union for more than 30 years. During that time, he has assisted, and therefore educated, my Union on how to bargain for a better contract. He has won many more arbitrations for the Union than lost; the ones he lost can mostly be attributed to going against his advice. Mr. Sherman's best skill is in conflict resolution. Although not in his best interest, he'd much prefer to resolve issues amicably rather than going to the expense of litigation, he is very good in doing arbitrations, mediations and litigation. He always responds to inquiries and requests for assistance in a timely and helpful manner. He cares about what he's doing. He cares about employees. I full heartedly recommend Mr. Sherman for employment and labor law.”

Client - “Mr. Sherman is a labor attorney who worked for our Union, United Union of Security Guards. He is very thorough and keeps us well informed about his actions on our behalf. I believe he would be a great asset to any union or business looking for his legal expertise.”

Nick Candela (Economic Researcher) - “Larry is an expert labor lawyer who goes above and beyond for his clients.”

Michelle Valderrama (Emergency Worker-Social Worker at Housing Stabilization, DHHS) - “I highly recommend Lawrence Sherman. He is professional, extremely competent, compassionate, and will fight for you at full force. He was very reasonable with costs and very communicative with me throughout the whole process. I highly recommend his services if I ever need legal services again, I will definitely use his office.”

Anne Poe (Pension Eligibility Team Coordinator at UMWA Health and Retirement Funds)- “Larry Sherman has been a valued ex-officio member of my Union's negotiating committee and offered cogent advice over the years. He has represented the Union in numerous disciplinary hearings, mediations, and arbitrations with at least 90 percent success rate. The Union could not be as successful without his experience and insight.”

David Ross (Trial Lawyer) - "I wholeheartedly endorse Larry Sherman's work, as I consider him a valued colleague and mentor. Throughout the years that I have known him, Larry has demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of complex issues and an ability to find practical solutions to client problems. Moreover, he goes about his work with an impeccable level of integrity and civility."

Kim Gladden (Executive Director/President at Union Rights of Security Officers (URSO)) - "Mr. Sherman is a highly skilled attorney and a tough litigator. He has a vast knowledge of labor law doctrines and contracts negotiations."

Client ­– "I had the great pleasure of working with Mr. Lawrence Sherman. He was able to put my awful experience into eloquent words and was completely in tune with my thoughts and feelings. He expedited my claim, and we were able to settle within two months of the formal complaint."

Conducting Depositions

July 22, 2016

There are no express ethical rules that govern preparing for, taking or defending depositions. While many rules touch upon these matters, they often give conflicting signals. For example, Rule 1.3, comment 3 of the Code of Professional Responsibility requires that a "lawyer should represent a client zealously within the bounds of the law. In contrast, Rules 3.3 and 3.4 respectively caution that a lawyer should exhibit candor towards the tribunal and fairness to the opposing party and counsel. Ethical concerns commonly arise in the context of fulfilling client expectations that prize zealous representation as well as by a need to counter equally zealous or even outrageous conduct by opposing counsel who is ostensibly acting in his or her client's interest. In these situations, therefore, it may be necessary for the employment to take into account applicable ethical and judicial standards and tailor his or her conduct accordingly.

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